VeeOne Training Academy

VeeOne Training Academy

Why use the VeeOne Training Academy

When running the Jeppesen Crew Management system, we know that there is nothing more important than training. Ensuring your team is first at a level of competence, and secondly at a level of mastery, will unlock an enormous range of benefits in using the system.

Why is Training Important?

This third area is so frequently overlooked, either due to cost or availability, but the benefit of training your team to the right level is the difference between flying your aircraft on one engine vs all engines. You will unlock some significant benefits:

  • Better engaged team – a trained team will feel confident and competent in their work, and as a result will be happier and more engaged as a result.
  • Full utilisation of the power of Jeppesen Crew Pairing and Rostering – many teams are only using Jeppesen to an nth of its capability, and the skill levels present after the initial implementation of JCP and JCR usually stagnate, or even regress over time. The VeeOne Training Academy seeks to reverse this trend and ensure your team are forever improving and on an upward trajectory.
  • Deliver the savings and efficiencies you envisioned when implementing Jeppesen. The biggest barrier to succeeding with optimization, aside from correct coding and configuration, is the skill level of your team. We can help unlock the performance benefits that led to you selecting the system in the first place, by delivering bespoke training courses, tailored around your ruleset and data, to turn your current team into a high-performing and continuously-improving set of Jeppesen experts.

How does it work?

We can arrange a call with one of our Academy coaches who will listen to your needs, and arrange a syllabus of training that suits you. This can then be delivered to your team of Planners either remotely, or on-site, at a mutually-agreed time.