A Cookie is a small text file that websites askes for your consent before being placed on your computer.

On VeeOne’s site there exists both first- and third party cookies for different purposes. Some of the cookies gets deleted right away after you leave our website (session cookies) while some can be stored on your computer up to two years, so that the website can se that you are returning to our website (permanent cookies).

Our site does not register what IP-address you are accessing our site from, therefor the information can never be associated with your identity. According to GDPR shall all visitors to a Web site be informed about that the site uses cookies and the purpose of the cookies. The visitor shall also be able to accept or decline the usage of cookies.

We use cookies for:

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for vital functions of the website, for instance security related functions that are needed to get the web site to work.

Statistical cookies

These cookies are anonymous and are used to analyze and remember how you as a visitor navigate our site. With the help of them we can also monitor the performance of our site, all for the purpose of making our site as user friendly as possible.


We are currently not using any cookies with the intent of marketing, neither for collecting user data nor placing advertisements.

VeeOne do use social media platforms like LinkedIn. When reading material on their sites we like to make you aware that they use cookies in a much different way than us.


We don’t use cookies to personalization purposes.

Famous last word, while we do acknowledge that cookie policy might be changed in the future.