B.I as a Service, Powered by Bee Analytics

The crew planning data your organisation produce, has a lot to tell about how in-tune your crew planning process is with your business.


Very few airlines use this possibility to compare the plans produced to what is actually performed or how alternative plans compare to each other.


·         How accurate where your long-term Resource plans?

·         How much productivity is lost between the different steps of planning?

·         How does this year’s plan compare to last year?

·         How does different network planning scenarios compare to each other?


VeeOne has designed a BI environment based on actual planning data from Resource planning, Pairing construction, Rostering and Postproduction data. So that all stages of planning can be analysed and compared to each other.


This service is provided as a SaaS service to our Planning as a Service clients and can be provided as a analysis model to Airlines with their own Jeppesen installation.