Personal Data

Personal Data


VeeOne AB organization number 559193-3659 does collect and handle personal when you engage with us.

We respect your integrity and safeguard the personal data we collect in according with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Regulation (EU) 2016/679  and The Swedish Data Protection Act (Dataskyddsförordning).

With personal data refers to all data and information that direct or indirect can be connected to a person alive. VeeOne AB is personal data controller for all information that you make available to us. VeeOne handles personal data uttermost respect with regards to personal integrity. Below you can find a description of the guidelines that VeeOne apply, how we handle and store information and what rights you as an individual have. The guidelines never interfere with the rights that apply according to the The General Data Protection Regulation.

Collection of Personal data

VeeOne collects personal data in the following ways:

You personally had them over to us, by signing up for a news letter or by your employer hand them over to us in order to us for the purpose of us delivering on contractual obligation with your employer.

VeeOne web site:

At VeeOnes web site we don’t collect any personal data, we do collect data for statistical purposes, but the visitor always remains anonymous. Only when someone signings up for our news letter we collect information that can be connected to a physical person.

Read more on the Cookies information page.

Purpose and legal ground for collection

VeeOne only collects personal data for purposes that are in accordance with GDPR and for the reason of for fulfillment of agreements.

The purposes are for example:

  • enter into an agreement with us/become a customer
  • get a quote on an offer
  • buy a product/service
  • handling of customer service matters.

Based on our legitimate interest, we process data for several purposes, for example:

  • for marketing and profiling, i.e. to communicate relevant offers to our customers
  • for the sale of our and our partners’ offers
  • to send newsletters
  • to develop and improve our products and services
  • for statistics and analyses.


Other purposes for our processing of personal data may have their legal basis in various legal requirements, i.e. where we have to fulfill a legal obligation, examples of such purposes are the processing of personal data according to the Accounting Act for invoicing or when we convey information about changed contractual terms.

You can also give consent to treatment in certain cases where none of the above applies. A given consent is an active act on your part and this can be revoked. We will then not process your personal data further for that purpose.

We do not process the personal data for purposes that are incompatible with the original purpose. More information about the purpose for which the personal data is used can also be provided when the personal data is submitted, for example in connection with e-mail forms or in contractual terms.