Salary Solutions

How much will your crew actually cost given a certain roster scenario? This is a question almost impossible to answer to most airlines.

Through VeeOne Salary Solution, a system to calculate salary as well as estimates on crew costs for different roster options, can be offered as a part of the VeeOne planning solution.

  • The system can produce cost scenarios pre-flight as well as correct salaries post-flight
  • Run salary scenarios and get a true cost prognosis based on the crew available and the real crew production costs including expenses
  • Useful for budgets, production scenarios or a prognosis for the coming month (for individual crew as well as a total cost for a monthly roster)
  • Calculate the salaries based on the flown rosters and taking all parameters into account
  • Export the salary data to accounting systems incl. invoicing, payroll and other
  • The system can handle expenses, invoicing, reimbursements etc.
  • The system is highly configurable and is well-proven by small airlines as well as airlines with complex international operations