Meet the people of VeeOne – Jonas Persson

Meet the people of VeeOne

We are delighted to present Jonas Persson
I am very excited to be a part of Veeone as a planning specialist. Veeone is a company I have always wanted to work for – even before I knew it existed.

So when the opportunity to join Veeone came I didn’t have to think long. Veeone is a company that can provide a broad range of help in the crew planning area and has in a very short time recruited an incredibly competent group of planning specialists. Although I have not worked long here, I sense that we all work as a team and are constantly learning from each other. I have 30 years of experience in crew planning, but there is always more to learn, and that knowledge is just a conversation away. This makes Veeone an incredibly excellent choice for companies that need help in their planning process.

My personal experience in crew planning stretches back to 1994 when I joined SAS – Scandinavian Airlines. I stayed there for 18 years working in various planning areas, mainly with crew but also with ground handling staff. During the last 1,5 years I worked with aircraft dispatch. After my years at SAS, I left aviation and worked for the Swedish emergency call number as a planning analyst. The last 8 years before joining Veeone I spent at the Swedish rail operator SJ AB, working with planning analyses and as a system specialist for their planning system.

The Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, system is the best I’ve worked with, but my experience with several other systems is a strength and has given me a deeper understanding of the entire planning process, not only in aviation. These are experiences that will be useful in my job at Veeone.

In the future I can see that the broad experience at Veeone makes it possible for us to not only focus on the airline crew planning but expand into other planning areas. For example, we have a good knowledge of planning railway crew and have already started a cooperation with the Swedish rail operator Green Cargo.

I think the future for Veeone is extremely bright, since we can provide help in all crew planning areas using the best crew planning system in the world. And with a “world champion” team of coworkers.
And they all have one thing in common – Crew planning is a lot of fun!